Back Pain and Posture

Personal Training

personal training glute stretch

We can now unveil the opening of North London Fitness Training that will be covering the Finchley area in their new clinic based in Muswell HIll. There has been a dearth of suitable personal training clinics in Finchley since the closing down of “Finchey Fitness”.

The main problem tends to be trigger points in the Gluteal Medius and Quadratus Lumborum which can be stretched out as in the picture accompanying this blog.

At North London Fitness Training, our main remedial focus is back pain and the resolution of its chronic and acute stages.

Upper Cross Syndrome

upper cross syndrome

Upper cross syndrome effects the majority of clients that walk through our doors. It is caused by relaxed posture positions in both sitting and standing. The neck protrudes whilst the arms are drawn forward causing a kyphosis of the upper back.

This syndrome is described by Kendalls “muscle tesing” and is a useful way to understand why our sedentary lifestyle is so bad on our spines.

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Office Posture


This image shows an individual i optimum posture in regards his workplace. Please note the legs, feet, arms, head position, lumbar support and the level of the computer display.

Legs - The legs are straight not inclined upward or downward.

Arms - The arms are level and not over stressing the flexors or extensors.

Head - The display is low in regards the eyes so the individual doesn’t have to bend their neck to see the screen.

Back - The Back is supported by a lumbar support so as to keep pressure from the disks.

Sports massage techniques

Intradiscal pressure in different postures.

posture pressure

The Above Picture shows the level of intra-discal pressure. Where slouching increases the amount of weight on the disk and pushes the nucleus pulposa to the posterior annulus fibrosis possibly leading to a herniation.

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Posture whilst sitting

Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 16.16.21

The images above represent sitting in an incorrect posture, a over extended posture and a good posture. The way to assume good posture is to retract the head i.e.bring the chin into the neck, and to over extend your lumbar spine. Then bring the whole action back by about 10%.

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